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    59: Jamison Dance on Soft Skills and React Rally

    This week we talk Jamison Dance about the parts of programming that are distinctly non-technical.

    We talk about the perfect TLD, working with a team, finding psychological safety, the organization of React Rally, and how to recycle batteries.

    Jamison is co-host of the podcast Soft Skills Engineering where he and Dave Smith answer non-technical questions for technical folks. It's a great show that I highly recommend. check it out at

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    58: Eve Porcello on Learning GraphQL

    This week we talk with Eve Porcello about getting started with GraphQL.

    She is the co-author of Learning React and Learning GraphQL. She travels the world with husband Alex bank teaching JavaScript and telling jokes.

    We talk about comedy and code and how to engage audiences with a little bit of funny.

    This is a great episode if you want to add a little GraphQL to your stack or learn how to give a hilarious conference talks.

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    57: Emma Wedekind on Mentorship and

    We sit down with venerable Emma Wedekind to talk mentorship.
    She tells us all about different types of mentorship you can find,
    At what phases in your career each type is most valuable,
    And how to get a "yes" from someone you'd like to mentor you.

    We also discuss her new mentoring platform and how it's helping connect developers based on technology and field.

    Buckle in and get ready to get help.

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    56: Paul Henschel on React Spring

    This week, on React Podcast, We sit with Paul Henschel and talk animation.

    Paul is the creator of React-spring a library for animating UI based on spring physics.

    We talk about the library's origin, its future, and how to create lasting beauty on the web.

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    55: Erik Rasmussen on Final Form

    This week we sit with Erik Rasmussen to discuss forms in React. We talk about his library redux-form and it's evolution to final-form — a framework agnostic approach to making dynamic forms easy. Along the way the talk open source maintenance and monetization struggles. If you've wanted open source fame, this is a good one to listen to.

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    54: Get Access with Aaron Cannon

    This week, we talk accessibility pitfalls with Aaron Canon.

    Aaron is the co-founder and chief accessibility engineer at Accessible360 — where he uses his experience as a blind developer to improve real-world accessibility for all citizens of the web.

    He shares his first-hand experience on which practices work, which ones are bogus, where to focus our accessibility efforts, and which libraries provide the best starting point.

    I learned a ton. You will too.

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    53: Embrace the PHP with Next.js, Featuring Tim Neutkens

    Have you had the privilege of working in PHP?

    If you haven't let me tell you: You can have a dynamic website just by putting a single PHP file on a host, anywhere.

    It's magic

    For us React developers, everything is a lot more complicated.

    We want server-side rendering for Google crawl-ability, Hot Module Replacement for quick feedback in development, and code-splitting to get quick initial page loads for users.

    None of that is easy to implement.

    But there's hope.

    The team at Zeit wants you to have all that but with the simplicity of that beautiful PHP workflow.

    And they've done it.

    We sit with Tim Neutkens, lead developer on Nextjs, an open source framework, for react, by Zeit.

    He tells us how you can get back to that beautiful, fun PHP experience but with all of the benefits of SSR, HMR, AMP, and so many more initialisms.

    I'm so excited to share this chat about Next.js the next-live of static site generation.

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    52: Be Visible with Sophia Shoemaker

    Navigating a career is tricky.
    This is double true for women in tech.
    Add a spouses career, traditional gender expectations, Single-parenting, Or illness to the mix And finding a satisfying career can feel impossible.

    Today, Sophia Shoemaker sits with us to discuss how she manages being a mom in tech, conference speaker, FullStack React editor, and deeply invested in her community.

    It's a different story than many of you are used to hearing on this show.
    A more complicated one.
    I'm excited that we get to learn more about one of the types of challenges that women in tech face today.

    And I'm so grateful that Sophia brought us into her story.

    I know that her experience can give you hope — as you find a career that works for your specific cocktail of complications.

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    51: Michel Westrate Wants You To Stop Writing State Reducers

    How many times have you written a state reducer? 100 times? 100 times a month?

    Truth is, it's tricky for human brains to write performant state mutations in immutable terms.

    Maybe you're whip smart and you've got the theory on lock but the resulting "spread hell" is hard to read and edit long term.

    Michel Westrate wants you to stop writing state updates with immutable APIs like spread, concat, and slice and take a second look at mutable APIs like property assignment, forEach, and push.

    He's made it really easy And the React Team finds this idea very interesting.

    We talk with Michel about this wild of idea of state producers (not reducers) in Immer, why they're in the spirit of React, his MobX fame, and why — even in 2019 — it's not a good idea to roll your own state management library.

    Listen cautiously though. After this episode, you may never write a state reducer again...

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    50: Code and Trust with Saron Yitbarek

    Saron Yitbarek is the CEO and founder of CodeNewbie, the most supportive community of programmers and people learning to code. She's also the vibrant host of the CodeNewbie Podcast, Basecs Podcast, and Command Line Heroes (a Red Hat podcast).

    Chantastic Asks her about learning in public, interviewing the world’s greatest developers, the art of storytelling, and aggressive kindness that surround her #CodeNewbie twitter chats.

    They discuss podcasting, building a community you can trust, shower new developers with love and support, and what it takes to put on the most supportive conference in the world.

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