React Podcast

React Podcast

Interviews and news about React hosted by Michael Jackson and Michael Chan.

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    15: Data Visualization with Shirley Wu

    Michael Jackson, Michael Chan talk with Shirley Wu about D3 and React, creative data visualizations, freelance work, and how she's helping React developers love D3.

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    12: Coming to React with Sara Vieira

    Sara Vieira is easily one of the most entertaining people we've ever had on this show. She has been working with React over the past few years and has recently been traveling around Europe and giving free workshops on React in London and at React Finland.

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    11: Inside React with Sophie Alpert

    Sophie Alpert is a core contributor to React and is currently the engineering manager for the React team at Facebook. She has been contributing to React for over 3 years now, making her first contributions while she was working as an engineer at Khan Academy.

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    10: Codesandbox with Ives van Hoorne

    Ives van Hoorne is the creator of Codesandbox; an online code editor written completely in React. Although Codesandbox is written in React, it can be used to build applications for any front-end framework.

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    9: Emotion with Kye Hohenberger

    Kye Hohenberger is the author of the Emotion JavaScript library, a popular choice among React developers who prefer using CSS-in-JS to traditional CSS stylesheets. In this episode we discuss his work on Emotion including where he got the initial inspiration for the project and his motivation for creating it. We also discuss the future of the project and what may be in store for the future of CSS-in-JS.

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    8: React Perf Devtool with Nitin Tulswani

    Nitin Tulswani is a prolific developer and the creator of react-perf-devtool, a library that helps with profiling the performance of your React components since react-addons-perf was deprecated in React 16. In this episode we discuss Nitin's approach to writing code and the motivation behind several of his open source projects.

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    7: React and Electron with James Long

    James Long is a prolific blogger and the author of several open source libraries including Prettier. He has recently started developing Actual, a budgeting app built in React and Electron. In this episode we talk about James' approach to business, as well as take a peek behind the scenes at how he works with React.

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    6: Async React with Andrew Clark

    Andrew Clark is a developer on the React core team at Facebook who has been working on asynchronous rendering. In this episode we do a deep dive on some of the decisions behind the implementation of async mode in React 16 as well as talk about how applications can benefit from using it.

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